Detour Directions for Dogwood Road

Bridge No. B-0347 on Dogwood Road (located about a half mile east of the Hollfield Road intersection) will be closed to traffic on or about July 2, 2018. Effectively remaining closed through 2018. 

Patrons coming from the West, Howard County, Columbia, etc. that typically come in from Route 29 will be affected by this. Please find below alternate directions to visit Diamond Ridge and Woodlands Golf Courses. 

      1.         Merge onto I-70 E toward Baltimore.

      2.         Merge onto US-29 N/Columbia Pike Nvia EXIT 87B toward MD-99.

      3.         Turn right onto Rogers Ave. Passthrough 1 roundabout

      4.         Turn slight right onto Old Frederick Rd.

      5.         Old Frederick Rd becomes Hollofield Rd.

      6.         Turn right onto Johnnycake Rd.

      7.         Turn right onto Fairbrook Rd.

      8.         Turn left onto N Rolling Rd

      9.         Turn left onto Dogwood Rd.

      10.       Turn right onto Ridge Rd.