Club Fittings

Golf is a great, yet challenging game. New technology in club development has helped make it easier, but if equipment isn’t properly fit to a golfer’s body size and swing type, it won’t be as effective in helping the golfer play well and improve.

The team of PGA Professionals and Club Fitters at Baltimore County Golf have developed a multi-phase club fitting process.

Player interview – Our team gets to know the golfer. What are their goals, what are the best parts of their game, what are the parts they need to improve the most.

Precise Measurements – Basic physical measurements are taken to determine body type and address position.

Ball Flight Diagnostics – To get the best possible fit for a new club or clubs, our team needs to observe the flight of the golf ball on the range. Hitting into nets or golf simulators don’t really tell us anything. FlightScope technology and other tools are used to examine and measure clubhead speed, spin rates, launch angle, etc.

Final Consultation - After the new clubs are delivered, we double check to make certain they fit the specs that were ordered. We also take time with the golfer to observe them hitting with the club to be sure they are satisfied.

If you are considering purchasing new clubs or have questions about the fit and effectiveness of your current equipment, please contact the Training Center to set up an evaluation or fitting appointment - call 410-887-7735 or via email at