Loyalty Rewards Program

LOYALTY PROGRAM...We want you to Play More and Pay Less! 

All Advantage Card members are automatically enrolled in the Baltimore County Golf Loyalty Rewards Program. 

  • Earn one point for every dollar spent on greens fee, cart fee and range balls
  • Earn a half-point for every dollar spent on food, beverages and merchandise 
  • Earn $5 credit for every 200 points accumulated. The reward certificate will be emailed to you automatically the Monday following the day you reach 200 points

Close "The Loop" - Earn 600 bonus points everytime you play all five BCG courses at least once

Buy an Advantage Card online or stop in to your nearest Baltimore County Golf shop before your next round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Advantage Card to accumulate Loyalty points?

Yes.  Only active Advantage Card members can participate in this program.

If my Advantage Card expires, do I lose my points?

No.  However, you can’t earn or accumulate anymore points until the card is reactivated.  You may however redeem your points since they were earned while your card was active.

How are points accumulated?

You receive points for every dollar spent; 1 point for greens fee, cart fee and range balls and ½ point for merchandise and food and beverage.  The purchase of membership programs and member card types as well as gift cards do not accumulate loyalty reward points.  Note, the purchase of Range Cards will not accumulate Loyalty Reward points since there is a built in value already with the purchase of the card.

What can I use my points for?

Points can be redeemed for green fees, cart fees, range balls, merchandise and food and beverage*.  Points can’t be used instruction, club repair, handicap services, gift cards and memberships.

*  Purchases from the Beverage Cart are not eligible as there is no point of sale to link the purchases to the customer (we are working to address this issue).

Can I use my points for tournaments or outings?

Points can be redeemed in League play and general play.  However, contracted outings and tournaments are prepaid and Loyalty Rewards points can’t be used.

Can I use multiple Loyalty Reward coupons at one time?

Yes, As long as the coupons are yours and are not expired, you can use multiple coupons in one transaction.

What are the Loyalty Points worth?

Loyalty points are redeemable at 200 points and 600 points.  Each Monday, points are calculated for each Advantage Card member.  At 200 points, a $5 coupon is emailed and at 600 points a $15 coupon is emailed.

How do I get my Loyalty Points?

Every Monday, the points are calculated and sent to Advantage Card members via email.  In addition, the points are loaded in the player’s profile.

Can I give my Loyalty Rewards to someone else?

The points accumulated are for the Advantage Card member only and are not transferrable.

How long are the Loyalty Rewards points good for?

The coupons once issued expire in 30 days.

Do Loyalty Rewards Points ever get reset?

No, but they do expire within 30 days of the issue date.


  • All reward certificates are valid for 30 days from date of issue
  • Any rounds which are partially or fully refunded due to weather or other circumstances do not count as a round played in the "Loop"
  • Memberships, lessons and beverage cart sales do not accumulate points and are not included in the program
  • Baltimore County Golf reserves the right to alter or discontinue the program at any time