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COVID-19 Cart Policy

Beginning April 1, 2022
Additional Single Carts will no longer be an option.
All threesomes and foursomes will have a maximum of 2 carts in the group
All twosomes will have a maximum of 1 cart in the group

Up through April 1, 2022 - Single Carts will be offered at a rate of $30 per cart 

As we move into a new season, we will be going back to our original cart rules:

* Maximum of 2 carts per threesome or foursome
* Maximum of 1 cart per twosome or single

Allowing additional carts to be rented for singles has put a tremendous burden on allowing us to serve our golfers in a timely manner.  Many afternoon groups have to wait for carts to be returned, washed and then staged thus making the golfers miss their tee time.  In addition, the added hours on the golf carts shorten the usable life expectancy.  We appreciate your understanding and look forward to hosting more of your future golf rounds.

Respectfully –

Your Friends at Baltimore County Golf  

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