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COVID-19 Cart Policy

Effective January 1, 2021, all golfers will pay the regular posted rate for golf and cart assuming they ride with their playing partner (foursomes and threesomes receive 2 carts at regular rate).  Each additional cart per group will cost $10 (Twilight will be $7).

We are doing everything we can to promote Safe Golf while on the property. The amount of fuel used, labor required, wear and tear on the golf cart fleet and additional stress to the turfgrass with more cart traffic has added expense and operational complications. We are trying to balance cost, safety and our ability to deliver the best product we can and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to navigate these difficult times.


More clarification based on your group make-up;

18 Golf Cart fee per person (shared cart):  $15

Twilight Golf Cart fee per person (shared cart):  $11

Optional Single Golf Cart fee per person:  Total Cart Rental is $25 

Twilight Optional Single Golf Cart fee per person:  Total Cart Rental is $18


Foursome:  If you have four players, two carts will be included in the regular rate (two riders per cart). If anyone wishes to have their own cart, the additional cart user simply pays the regular rate of $15 plus $10 for a total of $25 (or Twilight is $11 plus $7 for a total of $18). 

Threesome:  If all three players are riding, two carts will be included at the regular rate of $15. If the group requires a third cart, that cart will cost $25.

Twosome:  If both riders share a cart, they pay the regular rate of $15 each ($11 each at Twilight).  If they both wish to have their own cart, the fee is $25 per cart ($18 at Twilight)

Single Golfers:  If a single is paired with a group of less than four (4) players and rides, the single may ride with that group at the regular rate and no additional charge. If either golfer (the single or a player in the group) wishes to have his or her own cart, they will be charged the regular rate plus $10.

Four Star, Greystone and College Memberships: All memberships are paid in full or on a monthly plan and include the use of a golf cart. If a member requests his or her own single cart, that will be subject to a $10 cart fee. 

NOTE:. If two members play together and each want their own cart, there is a $10 fee per cart per member.


Respectfully –

Your Friends at Baltimore County Golf  

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