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Annual Passes & Specials

There are many options when accessing the courses at Baltimore County Golf. 

Our goal is to provide a program that meets your financial goals and affords you the opportunity to play and enjoy as much golf as possible.  While any golfer can play our courses without a frequent player card, they are designed to save you money along the way.

Annual Passes are good for one year from the day you sign up.  The pass offerings include Advantage Cards, Frequent Player Cards, Four Star Memberships and Greystone only Memberships.  All of these card memberships save you money with each visit, come with facility benefits in the Golf Shop, and enroll you in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

We also offer Premium 3 Pack specials throughout the year as well as Corporate Book Programs for businesses or Individuals looking to pre-pay for golf at a savings.

Lastly, we have great deals for both Juniors and College students.  These specials offer access to the courses and the ranges for a period of time for one low price.

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