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How Our Maintenance Crews Stay Busy When The Snow Falls

One of the most common questions that our Superintendents are asked is, “what do you and your staff do all winter?” Check out this article from the USGA, which does a pretty good job of listing some of the tasks that we prioritize during the winter.


In an effort to provide our golfers with excellent playing conditions throughout the late summer and fall, our team has adjusted our aerification schedule at all courses to work around playing patterns to eliminate any disruptions. 

Providing the best turf grass conditions possible is our ultimate goal. Thank you for playing our course and we hope you enjoy some late summer and fall golf! 

Our expert turf grass management staff work hard year round to offer our golfers the best course conditions possible. Visit this page throughout the year for information about ongoing and upcoming projects. If you have any questions or comments about course conditions, feel free to emails us at info@baltimoregolfing.com


Everyone has at least one lawn in their neighborhood that looks like this. And we all spend time trying to achieve this same look. Many times we are simply not spending our time and money wisely in order to achieve the perfect lawn. Here are a few tips that will steer you in the right direction:


Each player has the responsibility of keeping the course in a similar condition to how they found it. Proper golf etiquette dictates that you repair any damage to the putting surface made by the impact of the ball.  We even suggest that each player fix their ball mark plus one other.  This helps assure that the conditions for putting remain optimal and the leads to a better experience for all. Please remember:

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