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BCG Policies

Baltimore County Golf Course Policies  

General Policies

  • The Golf Course reserves the right to send all groups off the tee as foursomes.
  • A maximum of 2 golf carts per foursome will be allowed on the golf course.  In cases where a golfer would prefer to have their own cart, they will be subject to paying for both seats of the cart.  This will only be allowed if there are enough carts to cover the players booked for the day (Golf Professionals discretion). 
  • Each player must have their own set of golf clubs and golf bag.
  • All golfers must follow and obey the cart rules for the day as set by the course Superintendent (this is for the safety of the golfers and benefit of the turf grass). 
  • Handicap flags will be available on most days when the carts are restricted to the cart path.  There will be times when no one will be allowed access off of the cart path due to imminent damage to the turf grass or for safety reasons to the golfers.  Those who are eligible for a handicap flag must present a valid and dated Doctor’s script or a Motor Vehicle hang tag with appropriate paperwork. View our full handicap policy here.
  • Players are required to keep motorized golf carts a minimum of 30 feet from tees and greens while, at the same time, adhering to the intent and purpose of all directional signage, ropes, physical barriers and other daily restrictions as playing conditions may warrant. 

Food and Beverage

  • All food and beverage must be purchased at the golf course.  No outside food and beverage can be brought onto the facility. Violators may be asked to leave the facility without a refund.
  • Coolers are not allowed on the golf course (except for medical reasons which must be cleared by the Golf Professional on duty).

No Show Policy - Advantage Card Holders and Members

  • All Advantage Card Holders and Members are expected to cancel tee times they will not use at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If an Advantage Card Holder accumulates more than 12 No Shows in a six (6) month period, the Advantage Card will be Suspended.
  • If the Advantage Card is Suspended, it can only be unsuspended after they reply in writing to an email from the Director of Golf explaining the expectation moving forward.
  • If the Card is unsuspended and the Card Holder accumulates four (4) more No Shows in the next six (6) months, the Card Holder will have to meet with the Director of Golf and pay a $50 reinstatement fee.
  • If the Card is reinstated and the Card Holder accumulates four (4) more No Shows in the next six (6) months, the Card Holder will lose the priviledge for one (1) year with no refund.
  • No Shows cost the course financially and keep other Card Holders from booking tee times and being able to play our courses.

Age Restrictions

  • Children under six (6) years of age are allowed on the course with adult supervision, a set of clubs and a paid greens fee.
  • Persons that are six (6) years of age or older may accompany a golfer as a guest but must sign a Golfer/Guest waiver in the Golf Shop.  Guests who ride along must pay the appropriate caddy fee ($11 for juniors and $15 for adults).  Carts may not always be available for guests based on the capacity of the tee sheet.  There may be times when the Golf Professional on duty may not allow guests on the course for various reasons. 
  • Only persons 18 years of age or older may rent and operate a golf cart. 

Dress Code

  • The dress code for the courses managed by Baltimore County Revenue Authority reflects the Authority’s emphasis on providing a family oriented atmosphere for all golfers.  The required attire includes clothing that has been either manufactured and/or specifically designed to wear on the golf course (recognizing that there can be varying designs and styles within that category of sports/golf clothing). The Authority reserves the right to refuse entry to the golf course to those individuals whose clothing is, in the sole opinion of the manager on duty, inconsistent with our facilities’ family/golf oriented emphasis. Examples of “inappropriate” clothing, relative to the Authority’s stated emphasis, include shirts or shorts with offensive images and/or statements, cut-off or ripped clothing, tank tops, bathing suits, mid-riff blouses/tops, etc. 
  • All of the golf courses require rubber soled shoes and/or rubber spikes. Metal and/or ceramic spikes as well as sport cleats, high heels or deep-soled boots and the like will not be allowed as it will cause undue damage to the greens.
  • View our full dress code policy here

Pets/Animals on the Golf Course

While we understand the relationship many golfers have with their pets, we do not allow pets on the golf course, driving range or food and beverage areas.