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Dress Code Policy

Baltimore County Golf Dress Code:

The dress code for the golf courses managed by Baltimore County Golf (BCG) reflects an emphasis on providing a family-oriented atmosphere for golfers. The required attire includes clothing that has been either manufactured and/or specifically designed to wear on the golf course (recognizing that there can be varying designs and styles within that category of sports/golf clothing).

BCG reserves the right to refuse entry to the golf course to those individuals whose clothing is, in the sole opinion of the manager on duty, inconsistent with our facilities’ family/golf oriented emphasis. Examples of “inappropriate” clothing, relative to BCG's stated emphasis, include shirts or shorts with offensive images and/or statements, cut-off or ripped clothing, tank tops, bathing suits, mid-riff blouses/tops, etc.

Footwear must be designed for golf, tennis or jogging. Footwear that has metal and/or ceramic spikes will not be permitted. Examples of “inappropriate” footwear would be deep-soled work boots, climbing boots, soccer or baseball cleats, etc. If you are unsure about what to wear to the golf course, please contact the golf shop in advance of your tee time.


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