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Pace of Play

Baltimore County Golf Pace-of-Play Initiative 

Time is a very important thing in our everyday lives.  We put a premium on overall pace of play at all of our courses.  We have a designated pace schedule based on the time your group tees off.  The pace requirements we use are as follows;

  • Before 8am:  4 hours or less
  • 8am – 10am:  4 hours and 10 minutes or less
  • 10am – 12pm:  4 hours and 20 minutes or less
  • After 12pm:  4 hours and 30 minutes or less
  • (Cart path only restrictions add 18 minutes to these requirements)

Keep in mind, the time we follow starts when the first member of your group has hit their tee shot and when the last putt is holed out on Hole #18. 

We have put together many charts and training tools for our Golf professionals and marshals to use while monitoring pace of play.  Because it effects the overall enjoyment of the round and has a direct impact on your time, we take this seriously. 

Each group and golfer may have a different expectation when arriving at the course.  We put the restrictions above in place to help set a common expectation and have a baseline for when we need to ask groups to speed up.  In rare cases, if a group can’t catch up or get back into position after several warnings, they may be asked to move into position (skipping a hole or two), or could be offered a credit to come back on a slower day.  It is not our intention to have a group not enjoy themselves, but we let one group exceed the playing restriction time, then all players that day will be impacted.

We “Thank You” in advance for adhering to our pace policy and understanding it is in place for the overall enjoyment of all of our golfers.  Below are some simple suggestions for each group that may help increase the overall speed of play;

  • Always keep pace with the group in front of you
  • Pick the correct tee box based on your skill level
  • Play “Ready Golf”; play when it is safe as opposed to who is away
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn
  • When riding in a cart, drop your partner off then go to your ball
  • If carts are restricted to the cart path, take a few clubs to your ball
  • Read your putt while others are playing
  • Limit your turn time between #9 and #10
  • Pick up after double par
  • Watch your ball off of the tee and pick a landmark to help locate the ball
  • Limit time looking for lost golf balls


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