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Balance is Key to a Good Golf Swing

Chris Hanson, PGA - Fox Hollow

Balance is Key to a Good Golf Swing

How many times do you find yourself falling off balance in your golf swing and the result is an errant golf shot? 

An important part to the golf swing is maintaining your balance throughout your golf swing. A balanced swing will enable you to create maximum club head speed and create more solid contact at impact.

To insure a balanced swing make sure at address your weight is distributed on the "balls" of your feet or close to the middle. Your weight should be distributed evenly between the left and right leg. Swings can become off-balance if too much weight is distributed on the toes or heels. Both can lead to an improper take away and can lead to the golfer falling forward or backwards in their golf swing. When you are at the top of the backswing the weight should be distributed still on the balls of the feet but a majority of your weight is distributed on your back leg.   As you follow through most of the weight moves to the left side. You want to finish in a tall and balanced position facing your target.

One drill I like to do with my students to help them with a balanced finish is have the student address the golf ball and then proceed to the finish position. Making sure that a majority of their weight is on the front side and they are standing tall with their golf club over their front shoulder.  After they are in this position I make them hold that pose for 10 seconds. This helps the golfer understand what a balanced finish feels like.

Following these tips will help lead to more consistent shots at impact.

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