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Lower your score by Chipping vs. Pitching

Tim Butler, PGA

Far too often we see amateur and low handicap players pitch the ball with their sand wedge or lob wedge instead of chipping the ball low. If you have plenty of green to work with to let it roll out and there isn't some type of obstacle like a bunker, cart path, tree, etc. that forces us to hit it high, we always want to keep it low. Use a lower lofted iron like a 7 or 8 and let it roll out like a putt. The general rule is the ball will fly 1/3 and roll 2/3 of your total distance.

The three keys to being a better chipper are:

* Place the ball back in your stance off the instep of your right foot ( for right handed players)
* Press your hands forward so they are ahead of the ball
* Use a pendulum putting stroke. Don't break your wrist.

With an hour a week of practice I am sure you will begin to notice you're getting up and down more often and the scores are coming down.

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