Improve your Greenside Bunker Play with Four Easy Steps | Baltimore County Golf

Improve your Greenside Bunker Play with Four Easy Steps

John Rosecrans, PGA Apprentice

Do you struggle out of the sand?  Are you looking to cut down the number of strokes it takes you to escape the bunker.   Follow the four steps below and with practice you will see improvement.

1. Set up square to the target.
Set your toes, hips and shoulder lines parallel to the target line, clubface straight at the target and play the ball in the middle or slightly forward in your stance.

2. Have 70% of your weight on your front foot (foot closest to the hole).
This will prevent you from helping the ball up and will help eliminate the dreaded chunk or skull shots.

3. Remember SPEED!
Try to keep the same consistent speed throughout the shot.

4. Finish with an open clubface.
For right handed golfers try to finish with your right palm facing the sky on your follow through. For lefty’s, try to finish with your left palm facing the sky. Imagine finishing your swing by trying to balance an object in the palm of your hand.

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