Practice with a Purpose | Baltimore County Golf

Practice with a Purpose

Joe Keenan, PGA

One of the most challenging aspects of golf is taking your swing from the range to the golf course. Once on the course, the shot we hit counts and has consequences.  By practicing differently, we can change our mind set from what might go wrong to what we want to accomplish.

One way you can overcome this is by hitting several shots with each club to separate distances. For example start with a wedge and hit five shots to the 100 yard flag. Then move to your 9 iron and work your way up the bag hitting each club five times to different targets. The more you become comfortable hitting each club to a target the easier it will become to move to the course and do the same thing. The range should be practice for the course. By making your practice sessions more challenging the transition to the course will become easier and the results will get better.

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