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Improve Your Swing Path to fix your Slice

Tim Butler, PGA

The number one question we get asked is how do I fix my slice and gain a few yards. Though there are a few contributing factors to why someone slices the ball, the swing path is typically the biggest culprit. We usually see the student start their downswing with their upper body opposed to their lower body, resulting in an out to in swing path. In order to have the proper inside out swing path the downswing must begin by starting with the lower body. This will allow the club to drop to the inside on the downswing and will also build more power by using the large muscles.

The Box Drill:

* Place a box along your intended target line.
* Take some practice swings swinging down the line as close as you can to the box, without hitting the box.
* Place a ball on the inside of the box (toward your feet) and swing without hitting the box.

If you hit the box on your downswing you will instantly know that your swing was from outside in, or across the ball, opposed to the proper path of inside out.

The more you practice this drill the more comfortable you will become. You will eventually be able to move the ball closer and closer until the toe of the club is almost touching the box at address.

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