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The Gravity Drill Goal

Mike Hauk, PGA - Fox Hollow

The Gravity Drill Goal - to promote a swing using your core and not just hands and arms 

The Gravity Drill is designed to assist the golfer with achieving the proper swing plane throughout their golf swing. Most amateur golfers use an excessive amount of hands at the start of the golf swing, and this has a tendency to put the swing off plane creating a multitude of problems. The Gravity Drill works to teach rotation and use of the large muscle groups in the golf swing.

The drill begins from the finish position of the golf swing with the club above the forward shoulder of the golfer.  From this position allow the club to fall forward, thus gravity will bring the club through the circular motion of the golf swing. By the time the club reaches the true starting position of the golf swing momentum helps carry the club into the backswing with the club being on plane and not being manipulated by the hands. This promotes a true rotation of the trunk of the body and not the typical arm swing, creating more speed, thus more distance.

The drill is executed in sets of 10 to promote a perpetual motion during a rotation of the body in the golf swing. The benefits of the drill include proper swing plane, improved balance and increased club head speed, thus creating a smoother more efficient golf swing. Best of Luck.