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Do you struggle out of the sand?  Are you looking to cut down the number of strokes it takes you to escape the bunker.   Follow the four steps below and with practice you will see improvement.

1. Set up square to the target.
Set your toes, hips and shoulder lines parallel to the target line, clubface straight at the target and play the ball in the middle or slightly forward in your stance.


Practicing golf is important because it promotes muscle memory. We invest a lot of time and money into practice in hopes that the results show on the course and more importantly on our scorecard. One thing that is really important while practicing is making sure we are aligned to our target. There is nothing worse than hitting a great golf shot that misses the green to one side or the other. In many cases, this is not your mechanics, it is simply not aligning to your target correctly.


The fall season can be the most enjoyable time to play.  The courses are typically in great shape, the weather is cooler and the leaves are turning colors.  While this time of year can be cooler and certainly the winter months can be cold, here are a few tips for staying warm and enjoying golf year round;


Swing thoughts and Target

Golfers who stand over their ball thinking of mechanics rather than alignment and target are facing an uphill battle. There are many moving parts in the golf swing, not to mention getting into the proper set up position before the swing. While golfers are focused on these numerous details, it is subconsciously detracting from the primary task of hitting your target. I would advise before addressing the golf ball to get all the "thinking" done while standing behind the ball.


Balance is Key to a Good Golf Swing

How many times do you find yourself falling off balance in your golf swing and the result is an errant golf shot? 

An important part to the golf swing is maintaining your balance throughout your golf swing. A balanced swing will enable you to create maximum club head speed and create more solid contact at impact.

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